The Convex Numbering Head – What others say doesn’t exist

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CMT designed our convex numbering head to provide a reduced force on the part being marked. This ensures less deformation of the part, while at the same time impact the marking legend to the maximum depth. The barrel rolls the mark on to the part with only one character in contact with the part at any time.

The convex numbering head is a well kept secret, but it shouldn’t be. Many roll marking product owners have no knowledge of this tool. CMT has had many discussions with marking customers that did not previously know of this impressive tool. Well, here it is!

Columbia Marking Tools Convex Numbering Head – reducing force during marking and increasing marking depth at the same time.

The Columbia Marking Tools convex numbering head has a few additional features such as the dovetail mount. The dovetail mount is preferred over the T-Slot mounting by Sigma Six Lean Specialists owing to the reduced time needed for tooling changeover. The direct reading is also an added benefit to double check readings before the marking process.

The complete head also incorporates the patented CMT numbering head pawl design. The integrated actuator balances the load from side-to-side. The wheels have added cam capacity to assure positive indexing and no slippage.

The CMT convex numbering head provides a solution that is needed but is sometimes overlooked. This system provides deep quick marks on flat surfaces using the roll marking indented marking method.

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