123 Numbering Head ( W6944 )

123W6944 123-4A-6M-1/8-W6944 automatc numbering head featuring: a) (4) automatically indexed wheels b) (6) manually indexed wheels c)1/8″ sharp face gothic characters d) Patented self alinging wheel rotation e) Direct reading on manually actuated wheels f) Forward or reverse manual wheel rotation g) Tool steel construction h) Engraved per legend layout

Numbering Head

30S134M EA 3 3 0 595.00 1,785.00 30S134M IN DIE Numbering Head 30S In die manual numbering head w/ counter bored holes for mounting. 4 wheels, 1/8″ characters *Wheels to read 0 thru 9 *Character sequence changed by convenient spanner wrench *Consistent uniform character alignment and depth *One peice wheels Read more…