123H Numbering Head ( AG08868 )

Published by Dottie Peene on

123H-5A- 1M-3/4” AG8868
Special Hot Stamp Numbering Head including:
A. Heavy duty cast iron frame
B. 3/4″ flat face characters with cross hatch and soft edge pattern engraving
C. CMT’s patented wheel alignment and forward/reverse rotation system
D. High density center shaft cartridge heaters
E. Thermocouple heat sensing probe
F. Pre-wired terminal strip housed in aluminum junction box
G. (5) Automatic indexed wheels
H.(1) manual Indexed wheel
I. All wheels to read 0 through 9
J. Chrome plated components to prevent rust
K. Ampco bronze wheel and shaft design for high heat transfer
L. Removable zero option