Test Mark

IM-MS60 Muller


Marking Solution tested: IM-MS60 Part Description:        Brass Cast Part Material: Cast Mark info: Character size: 5/16” Mark info: # of characters: 2D Square dot Depth of mark  Esitmated.003 PSI Used 30 Mark… Continue reading

Test Mark








Dot Peen 1 Marking Solution tested: IM-M125

Part Description: Aluminum Tag

Part Material: Aluminum

Mark info: Character size: 3/16”

Mark info: # of characters: 10 characters

Depth of mark Estimated .003

PSI Used… Continue reading

Dot Peen and Scribe









CMT Test Marking Lab Results

Marking Solution tested:     Dot Peen and Diamond scribe Place sample photo here Part Description:      Ducting material Part Material:      … Continue reading

Test Mark

RE:  IM-M75 Sample marks

These sample marks were done using the IM-M75. This programmable is the same machine that you currently have on your floor. We could offer you some custom fixturing to make set up fast and flawless.… Continue reading

Four Leaf Clover Charm CMH31SYMJ18


Stamps can be found on this page:

Laser Mark

Laser Mark 1

Part:Piston Aluminum Part

Material: aluminum

Character size: 1/8″

Number of characters: 3

Note: one of information

Machine used: Laser

Cycle time:3 Seconds

For more on the marking system used please see: