Roll Marking Machine

Servo Roll Marking System

Roll Marking Machine

The CMT 860S Custom Servo roll marking machine offers latest technology in both Roll Marking and Error Proofing. The marking legend length is precisely programmed to assure the exact length every time. This further reduces tooling changeover… Continue reading

Roll Marking (AD06574)

Machine Full

860FM-A22-20-R9S9 Stand alone, all air powered, roll marking machine including: A. Heavy duty, floor style, machine base B. 2.0″ max ram stroke C. 3 1/2″ max adjustable, die slide stroke D. T-slot, adjustable, cast iron, fixture mounting table… Continue reading





Columbia Marking Tools has designed and built a new standard Model 20-20SD two-sided bar stock roll marking machine for a leading manufacturer… Continue reading

260 Roll Marking Machine

260 Roll Marking Machine

Project scope:  CMT to supply two model 260 Roll Marking Machines. Customer to supply part fixturing. Marking legend is typically 6-8 (1/8″) characters and the Customers Logo, estimated marking time is 3 seconds.  Parts are threading inserts that will be marked on the flat top side of the parts.

Note:  machine to have CUSTOM BASE with height of 38″ from floor to part fixture mounting surface. Also to have CUSTOM PALM BUTTON arrangement with horizontal mounting of buttons to column (not base), these buttons are to have special LOW PRESSURE push settings.

3 different part fixture drawings were provided to CMT: –  EJ727 sheet #5 is a riser plate of some kind with a height of 3.125 inches –  EJ727 sheet #4 is an adapter plate of some kind with a height of .750 inches –  J23867 sheets #1-#6 are insert holder fixtures that range in height from 1.0 inches to 2.2 inches with a mean height of 1.6 inches.

Based on the provided drawings CMT will use the combined height of all three part fixture details of 5.4″ from our table mount surface to achieve the 38″ height from floor as stipulated in the above note. CMT will send approval drawing for customer signoff showing this height, signing the drawings means that you have approved this fixture stackup calculation as being correct or representative of the typical fixture height that you will use.

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Custom Roll Marker Machine

860FM-A43-20-R9S9 Air powered roll marking machine including: A. Heavy duty, floor style, machine base. B. 2″ maximum stroke C. 3 1/2″ maximum adjustable die slide stroke D. T-slot adjustable cast iron fixture mounting table E. OSHA approved dual anti-tie down, anti-repeat palm buttons with ring guard F. Pressure “Seek and Find” marking system G. Optional ram regulator system (allows control of mark depth while maintaining system pressure) H. Air inline OSHA approved lockout shutoff valve, filter, regulator, pressure gauge and lubricator I. Quick change dovetail tool mount J. Painted machine enamel blue Continue reading

Roll Marking Machine

Machine Back Part in Fixture Side View Machine Whole Machine

Project Scope: CMT to provide air powered roll floor style roll marking machine with part handling for customer integration.

 Part: large steel bearing

Material: AISI 8720

Cycle time: 20 seconds (without conveyor information CMT can not project exact time)

Marking legend will consist of 35-40 characters, the mark will incorporate stamp dies and numbering head.

CMT to provide complete roll marking station:

*Marking machine

*Custom frame and floor base

*All required controls for automated and manual mode

*Custom master fixture plate for automated loading and unloading

*Automated mandrel with 3 different support mandrels (or versatile design to accommodate part differences). *CMT to provide support mandrels for three different part sizes: diameters range from 5.9″ to 6.325″

*Safety Guarding

*Numbering head

*Steel Stamps

*Operations and Maintenance Manuals: 1 page Easy operation sheet laminated and to be pinned to machine, complete operation guide and maintenance manuals electronically provided


*HMI interface with dual language (English/Russian)

*Digital Counter with Password protection (English only)

*2 year warranty

Customer responsible for:

Machine will be auto load and unload (to be integrated by customer)

Material handling for unloading of parts.  This includes:

1) Provide conveyor

2) Provide upstream part stop & valving

3) Provide upstream part sensor

4) Provide downstream part sensor

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Round Steel Disks Marked With Roll Maker

Round Steel Disks

Part: Round Steel Disks Material: Steel Character size: 1/8″ Number of characters: 9 Characters One line of variable information

Note: Roll marking on round parts puts only a portion of the character in contact with… Continue reading