Model 751

Metal Bracket Marked by Slide-A-Mark

Metal Bracket marked by Slide-A-Mark

Marking Solution tested: CMT’s telescoping 8 ton air impact marker the Model 751 Slide-A-Mark

Part Description: Metal Bracket – automotive

Part Material: Sheet Metal – soft steel

Mark info: 8R8R     … Continue reading

Automated Impact Marker Station

Automated Impact Marker Station

The CMT Slide-A-Marktm Floor mounted pedestal is used in robotic cells to provide the fastest date marking operation available. Complete cycle time including loading and unloading part is less than 3 seconds, marked to the depth… Continue reading

Air Impact marking Metal Rail

Metal Rail

Part: Metal Rail Material:  Metal Rail Character size: 1/8″ characters Number of characters:  4 Note: 4 Digit Code Machine used:Model 751 Air Pressure: 40 psi Cycle time: 2 sec

For more on the marking system used please see:

Date Code on Sheet Metal Marked With Impact Marker

Sheet Metal 80 Thousandths Thick (50 KSI )

Part:Sheet Metal Material: Sheet Metal Character size: 1/8″ characters Number of characters:  8 Note: 8 Digit Julian Date & Identification Code Machine used:Model 751 Air Pressure: 30 & 50 psi Cycle… Continue reading