Model 288

CMT Air Impact markers used for more than marking – example#1

Model 288 used for non-marking application. Reasons include space and price. Continue reading

Connector Style for Model 288

Q: What sensor is integrated in the model 288-OB-25-D?

One of the Integrated Connectors for the Air Impact Marker lineMore information on all Connectors

A:   Eurofast: Small metric (M12 x 1 thread)10 volt/ 65 voltDC4 pin, 3… Continue reading

Model 288 Tube/Pipe Size and connections?

Q: What is the NPT and the Tube size required to install the model 288?

A:  The tube size is 3/8” with a ½” shop air line into the valve. The air connection is 3/8″ NPT. For the complete… Continue reading

Rotate ports or mounting bracket on Model 88/98/288/298

Positions of a clock

Q: Can the ports or mounting bracket be rotated on the model 88, model 98, model 288, or model 298? 

A: No. 

The mounting bracket and the sleeve of the cylinder are assembled with… Continue reading

Round Steel Tube – Prick Punch with Impact Marker

Round Steel Tube with Prick Punch

Part: Round Tube Material: Steel Tube Character size: single dot Number of characters: Prick Punch Machine used:Mite-E-Mark 78 OA Air Pressure: 40 & 60 psi Cycle time: 2 sec

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