impact marking

Model 851 marking date code into Automotive Rear Lower Control Arm

Marking Solution tested: Standard 751KA and KB holders

Part Description: Rear Lower Control Arm

Part Material: High Strength Alloy.

Marking info: 1234     Character Size: 4 1/8″

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark cycle time required: 5 Seconds

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Impact marker in harsh enviroment

Q: I need to mark a part with (1) 3/16” tall character. I was looking at the model 78 series. Will the 78 work in an environment covered in coolant? I have used other impact markers in the… Continue reading

marking pressure for (8) 1/8” tall characters into mild steel

Q: How much force will it take to impact mark (8) 1/8” tall characters into mild steel?


A: Depending on the grade of mild steel. Each character will require 1,200 to 1,500 lbs. So the total amount of force… Continue reading