I-Mark I series Dot-Peen Marking Video

The CMT I-Mark I series dot-peen marking system make a 2D code. Continue reading

IMID60 – Nike Mark

Marking Solution tested: IMID60 Part Description: Air pump bladder Part Material: Plastic Mark info: Character size: 3/32 Mark info: # of characters: 10 characters Depth of mark Estimated <.001 PSI Used 60 Mark cycle time required: 3.5 seconds Reason for… Continue reading

Square Dot vs Dot Peen 2D code

Side by side test of the same part being marked two different ways.

Aluminum Part


(25) 1/8″ characters with corresponding 2D code

Method #1 Dot-Peen with IMID60 I-Mark Integrator Dot-Peen System

IMID60 2D Code

Method #2 Scribe with IMC150… Continue reading

IMID I-Mark Dot-Peen pin “sticking”

Q: We are having a problem with one of the I-mark system we have for the Paccar project. During production it will just stop and the pin will be stuck up in the marker, how we recover is to go… Continue reading

Appliance Component Marked With Dot-Peen

Appliance Component

Part:Appliance Component  Material: Steel  Character size: 1/8″  Number of characters: 4  Note: One line of information  Machine used: IM-ID60 Dot-Peen Air Pressure: 40 PSI  Cycle time: 5 sec … Continue reading

Appliance Component Marked With Scribe

Appliance Component

Part:Appliance Component

Material: Steel

Character size: 1/8″

Number of characters: 5

Note: One lines of information

Machine used: IM-IS60 Air scribe

PSI: 30

Cycle time: 5 sec

For more on the marking system used please see:

Brass Plug Marked with IMID60 fixed-dot

Brass Plug Marked with ImID60 fixed-dot

Part:Brass Plug

Material: Brass

Character size: 3/32″

Number of characters: 6

Note: One lines of information marked with IMID60 Fixed-Dot

Machine used: IM-IS60 Air scribe Cycle time: 3 sec

For more… Continue reading