I-Mark How to Change a carbide pin on a IM-ID60 – Video

I-Mark demonstration on how to change a pin on an IMID60 dot peen marking unit. Continue reading


The test mark was successful.

CMT strongly feels that the programmable option will work best.

Please note that the marking cycle time varied from 2 seconds to 6 seconds, depending on the character size and number or characters.


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Piston Head Marked With Scribe

Piston Head

Part: Piston Head


Character size: 1/4″

Number of characters:7 per

Note: 2 Lines of information

Machine used: IM-IS60 Air scribe

PSI:25 Top & 50 Bottom

Cycle time: 10 sec per lines

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Large Nut Marked With Scribe

Large Nut

Part: Large Nut


Character size: 1/8″

Number of characters: 9

Note: One line information

Machine used: IM-ID60 Air scribe

PSI: 30

Cycle time: 7 sec

For more on the marking system used please see: