Dot Peen



AG08000 design change to incorporate: Skeletonized weldment for improved debris handling Fully enclosed marker housing for protection from environment/robot Covered camera housing with angled roof


IM-M75-F Fixed Dot I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

* Marking Head Assembly with marking window 75mm x 75mm, aprox. 3” x 3″ with Fixed dot pin * Bench-top stand *… Continue reading

Dot Peen

Columbia Marking Tools has performed test marking to show a deep quality mark that can be seen after coating. The marks were done with CMT’s Heavy Duty howitzer assembly.  The marks you will receive are not your exact readings,… Continue reading

Aluminum Metal Tubing Marked With IMID60

Dot Peen Marked with IMID-60

Part: Aluminum Metal Tubing Material: Aluminum Metal

 Character size:  1/16″ characters

  Note: One line 6 characters

Machine used: IMID60 Dot Peen

Cycle time: 3-4 sec

For more on the marking… Continue reading