Custom Embossing Dies

Custom Embossing Die

Embossing Die

HPAG8908- ”UNIVERSAL STUD” Male/Female embossing pair Bank Gothic Md italic font Size: Cap .750” Lower .600”

Custom Embossing Dies To Mark Brass

Custom Embossing Dies

AE4299-Custom embossing die set (male/female) Buick logo per customer artwork Logo approx. 4″ x 2″


Custom Male & Female Embossing Dies

Custom Embossing Dies

AD08428-Custom embossing die set (male/female) Embossing die complete per print. (female)

Made to mark Plastic.

Custom Male & Female Embossing Dies For Marking Card Board

Custom Embossing Dies

AD9400 Embossing die set to read “CARDLOCK” 3X over 4.75″ Special font per provided sample. Character size .125″

Male & Female Dies to embossing Aluminum

Custom Embossing Dies

AD03807-Custom Embossing Dies to Read: SPRUCE (logo per attached example)

* Logo 7/8″ high x 2 3/4″ wide * Marking 3.9″ x 2″ Soap Tins * Upper female Die and Lower male die