78 impact Marker

Model 851-OK-40-E2-NL


851-OK-40-E2-NL Slide-A-Mark automatic air impact marker featuring: a) Patented “Soft Impact” b) Double acting cylinder with air forward air return motion c) Maximum force 21,000 lbs at 80 psi d) Keyed, non-rotating ram e) K style rod for quick… Continue reading

Model 078-FK-OB-10-E-NL


78-FK-OB-10-E-NL Mite-E-Mark Air impact marker featuring: A) Air forward air return B) Foot mounting C) Keyed non-rotating rod D) Max force 1,500 lbs. at 80 psi E) “B” style to hold (1) CM7X stamp insert F) 1″ max stroke… Continue reading

Otics 78 impact prick punch test

(6) sample marks were tested. The Model 78 was used in both a 1″ stroke (less force) and the 2″ stroke (more force). Different PSI settings

were tested to show varying depths achievable. The “P90” prick punch was used on… Continue reading