I-Mark controller customer supplied power

Q: It is not clear which side should be furnishing power, sourcing or sinking, and what is isolated.

For example, the output connections call for both a 24v and a Common connection from the customer. I am confused as to why it needs both.

In addition pins 11 & 12 are labeled Aux 24v & Common. How does that connect with the rest of it?

A: The I/O’s are all optically isolated.

 The output connector should be wired with both the 24v and 0v from the customers device.  This is because we are using this power to control the I/O opto relays as well as a voltage to give them back when we provide a signal out to them ie: Ready to Mark.  The 11 & 12 pins are Auxilary power which we provide from the transformer inside of our controller.  For devices which do not have or require voltage like a push button for example, we provide the voltage on these pins to use with the button.  Likewise for say a proximity sensor we provide both the necessary +24vdc and 0v common to power up the sensor.  You do not have to connect to this Auxiliary power.

Our system is setup for sourcing type connection.

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