Using the external Start button with I Mark


                This document outlines how to setup and use the I-Mark start button which is purchased separately from CMT. The start button will be used to execute a particular program over and over without needing to interact with the software. This is useful if a PC is not available during the time of marking or simply not wishing to use a Mouse/Keyboard to execute marking.




(Pictured: IM-START Push button)

Plug the 25 pin connectors into the back of the I-Mark Controller in the Input and Output connections appropriately.



Configuring I-Mark:

                Open the I-Mark software and locate the Layouts button on the controller ribbon




This is the Layout Configuration dialog.  Use the drop down box to assign the desired marking layout into slot 0.





When I-Mark receives the start input from the external push button, it will execute whichever program has been assigned to Slot 0:


After you have setup the program desired into Slot 0 then press the “Download” button on the controller page for the settings to take effect.






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