Double acting Slide-A-Mark sticking

Q: Recently my Slide A Mark started sticking in the advanced position. . I am using the 751 for a staking application and the rod occasionally will stick and stay out. What is causing the rod to stick.

A: There are a few solutions CMT will recommended:

*Be sure to have proper air flow.

Compressed air is required on Slide-A Mark markers. Use a recommended 1/2” shop airline with an operating pressure of 100 psi, minimum operating pressure of 25psi. The marker has 3/8” NPT advance and retracting air ports.

Takeoff flow controls now at both air ports

Replace with standard elbow fitting.  NO FLOW CONTROL

Marker has internal air flow speed controls which is fixed and extra ones make it hard for marker to go forward and back properly.

*Clean Air

Have a dirty air line will cause dirt and debris In causing the  rod to stick.

*Over tightened collar.

If you recently replaced your seals a common problem is over tightening your collar (751-20) restricting your rod.

Have a look at the install manual for tips on setting up your marker.



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