How do I make (2) impact markers fire simultaneously

Customer call for technical help regarding (2) air impact markers:

Customer: I have (2) model 78 mite-e-marks hitting opposite sides of a part.  When I fire the valve they are not hitting simultaneously and they are knocking the part out of my fixture.  Why are they not hitting at the same time?

Answer:  A single valve cannot be used to control multiple markers.  If a single valve is opened and sending air to multiple markers, the air will “always” follow the path of least resistance, resulting in one marker hitting before the other.

The solution is CMT’s Dual valve pack, designed and packaged specifically for this type of application:


Model# 2-RVPD-DC

Retro-Fit Valve Pack assembly including:

A. Common mounting plate with all components mounted. Drilled at 4 corners for mounting

B. Air inline filter and pressure regulator with gauge

CMT dual valve pack

CMT dual valve pack

C. Air linline lubricator

D. OSHA required shutoff valve with lockout feature

E. Two (2) single solenoid (24vDC) 4-way air control valves with adjustable air timed return

F. All necessary air mufflers installed

G. Complete, piped mounted components and tested

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