Handy Andy making inconsistant mark

Q: We have had Handy Andy Engraver for about 10 years and have never replaced anything on it. It seems to be inconsistent on engraving, we used to use a 1/8” spacer from the tip of the engraver to our work, it now seems to be more like 3/8”. Could the spring be worn out or what are your thoughts ?

A: Wow 10 years!

Yes. The Spring, Pin, and Pin Housing become worn over time. The wear on the spring results in missing parts. The wear on the pin give a blurred image, and as the pin tip wears more air pressure is needed to make the same depth of mark. Over time it is possible that the air pressure has been increased to compensate for the worn tip. In addition, the housing is also considered a consumable item. As the piston moves through the housing the ID becomes worn, and the marks are blurred and inconsistent.

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