Roll Marking Machine (AG09798)

Full Machice

Full Machice

960FM-A43-AF02075 Air powered, electrical sequence, diameter to diameter, roll marking system including:
A. Tilt angle machine profile for ease of part loading for small to large diameter parts
B. Mark length maximum capacity 10″ legend
C. Low pressure, low stress, diameter to diameter, roll marking system with force applied by CMT exclusive pressure seek and find mark depth control
D. Steel fabricated machine frame with leveling feet and lifting points (full free standing machine base)
E. Heavy duty, keyed ram with slide in dovetail mount for tooling
F. OSHA required dual, anti-repeat, anti-tie down palm buttons
G. CUSTOM table mount for special pivot / mandrel type adjustable part fixture for ring type parts.
H. Air inline, OSHA required, lockout, shut off valve
I. Air inline filter, pressure regulator, and lubricator
J. Fixture mounting table
K. Power required 110V AC at 10 amps, and 70psi 1/2″ airline
L. Painted color machine enamel blue
M. Crated and secured for truck shipment
N. Machine mounted and pre-programmed mini PLC logic control with digital display and adjustable machine cycle dwell timers
O. Mark depth pressure control with gauge
P.  Typical plant air system requirements under normal operation:  6 CFM ( minimum 1/2 in. ID hose @ 70 psi.).

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