860 Roll Marker Machine

CMT to disassemble and inspect a used model 860F roll marking machines (serial number; u-2710-1). Rebuild, replace or repair marking system and components to a satisfactory operating proficiency determined by CMT technical staff

Special part locating fixture
Ref: PLFAF2451- Special Mandrel for 3” tube. With (2) sleeves to mark 3 1/2” and 4” tubes. Tooling to be mounted on 860 Roll Marking Machine.

Canammex to provide samples 3”, 3 1/2”, and 4” tubes with mark locations outlined in Red pen or previously marked.Centerline of characters to be 6” from end of the tube. Sample marked part with annotated marking location required upon placement of order.

DMHA-300 Dovetail mounted hold CMG type

3DMA20-AG6113- Custom (3) line holder
Dovetail mounted to hold CMG style stamps
Each pocket to be 2”
Ref. holder from last machine rebuild. Serial# V-6710

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