Slide-A-Mark Air impact Press – New upgraded Operator Start Buttons

PR751 Bench-Top Slide-A-Mark air impact press

PR751 Bench-Top Slide-A-Mark air impact press

The popular Slide-A-Mark has been upgraded with new operator start buttons. These buttons offer a more narrow profile and easier to use.

PR851-OK-25-00 All Air Powered Marking Machine featuring:
a) Heavy duty bench style machine frame
b) 2 1/2″ maximum self-seeking ram stroke
c) Keyed non-rotating ram
d) Power rated for 10 tons (at 90 psi)
e) All necessary air control components
f) Dual anti-tie down, anti-repeat palm buttons
g) Air inline F.R.L. (Filter,Regulator, Lubricator) combo unit
h) Quick Change ball lock style holder mount
i) Air inline lockout valve
j) Painted machine enamel blue 751KA-75-10 Quick change holder to mount on 751 Slide-A-Mark impact marker

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