Handy Andy System Not Ready

Q: I have loaded the software on a Windows XP system. When I try to run the machine I get the error “system not ready”

A: If the drive for the USB does not properly load. This can be recognized two ways 1) The windows software gives a small popup that says the driver for the USB did not load correctly 2) The Handy Andy does not move when the power is on and connected and a marking layout is printed, and “system not ready” may show onscreen.

The correction requires two steps:

A)   Go to the Windows control panel – System- Device Manager. Look for the USB Virtualization driver. Update this driver with the files located in the EasySync folder. Once this is updated the USB port will have (COM#) next to it. Please remember the number and it will be required in the second and final step. Close the Windows control panel.

B)   Run the Handy Andy Software and under Parameter – Basic Setup – there will be a field for the Comport # please use the drop down menu to select the correct # as shown in the Windows control panel

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