Laser Mark on ERT Tool

Columbia Marking Tools Sample mark; the samples were done with CMT’s Eclipse laser line. The model that was used was a LE16 with a 1 Watt laser. The mark you will receive are not your exact readings, but are examples of what you can expect to achieve. You will see a CMT logo

Marking Solution tested: Laser

Part Description: ERT Tool

Part Material: Steel

Mark info. Character size: CMT Logo

Mark info: # of characters: N/A

Depth of Mark: Topical

Travel and Communication: 17 Seconds

Mark Cycle time required: N/A

Reason for test mark: Clarity of Mark

  • Laser making application can give a great quick topical mark. Some great advantages of the laser system are the speed and the ease of fixturing is less rigorous. Depth of mark, cost and longevity of the mark are all factors to take into consideration when selecting your method of marking.
  • CMT will recommend scribe marking if you are looking for a quality mark with added depth.

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