IM-M75 AJ01124

Full Machine Cut out

IM-M75-F Fixed Dot I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

* Marking Head Assembly  with marking window 75mm x 75mm, aprox. 3” x 3″ with Fixed dot pin
* Bench-top stand
* Controller model 200 with IM-PC  (I-Mark software preloaded)
* Cable to connect Marking Head to Controller
* Monitor & keyboard
* System pressure regulator with air gauge included: Filter, Regulator, Lubricator FRL
* Requires 1 shop air line 1/4″ NPT & 110VAC power supply

* Indicator on post for adjusting the (3) different part heights

PLFAJ1124– Special Heavy Duty Part Location Fixture including:
* Master fixture plate (tool steel)
* V Block positive stop detail for correct part positioning
* Heavy duty manual clamp

MACHBASE Heavy duty floor style machine base featuring:
a) All steel heavy duty construction
b) Completely assembled with CMT marking system
c) Painted machine enamel CMT blue
d) Castor wheels

IMID200 Marking Head Only:

a) Marking window is 200 x 100 mm (8″ x 4″ inches)
b) Marking stylus speed of 300mm per second, which marks up to (3-5) characters per second
d) High torque stepper motors and linear bearing rail drive system in both X and Y axis
e) Features linear rail guide ways
f) All metal pin assembly
g) Uses carbide stylus
h) Extreme quality construction: designed for harsh environments
i) With extended 2″ pin housing

IM M75 Head and 10 ft. control cable.

IM-D-START-AJ1124 – Dual Palm Button Cycle start option including:
* Industrial grade palm buttons
* Mounted to machine base
* Pre programmed into CMT controller logic

Note- Operator will have to hold throughout entire marking cycle

Osha Required Guarding Package to include:
* Fenced guarding on 3 sides of the machine
* Industrial grade Light Curtain
* All necessary electrical components pre-programmed
* (4) Button control to include: Cycle Start, Reset, E-Stop and 3 position program selector switch tied into CMT controller/ Logic

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