IM-M75 AM9815A

PLF10-Custom pivoting Fixture assembly including:
A) Large Column Pivot attachment
B) Pivot nearing for ease of operation
C) Fixture mounting table
D) Manual clamp and lock vice style part holding
E) Adjustable for size ranges requested.
F) Positive stop on mark station

PLFAM9815-Part locating Fixture
-Master fixture solid steel plate
-Adjustable (V Shape) Part stop
-Adjustable Destako clamp for securing parts in position during marking.
-All material made from quality steel
-Hardened and black oxide finishes for durability.

Shakles size 1-1/8 – 1-3/4
Per chart RR-C-271D
Include design, approval drawing and build and test

Complete pivot and fixturing assembly to be retro-fitted and installed to also allow use of tag marking fixture

Engineering and Design to include: (( ESR11 ))

a) Machine Layout
b) Pivot mechanism design
c) Fixture and clamping system
d) Parts ordering stock list
e) Concept approval drawing.

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