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123H Number Head

123H Numbering Head

123H-4S-6A-1 1/2-U5670 Hot Stamp Numbering Head featuring:

a) 6 automatic wheels

b) 4 character prefix mortise

c) 1 1/2″ character size

d) Multiple cartridge heaters

e) J wire thermocouple

f) Flat top mounting


Numbering Head 123H-5A-1/2″ W3834

Numbering Head

123H-5A-1/2″ W3834- Hot stamp automatic numbering head featuring:

a) Total stamping width 1.404″ -.206″w x .500″high characters with .093″ between each per sketch


b) Five wheel automatic actuation, auto/manual indexing, w/auto indexing pawl mounted on back of… Continue reading

Pin to Part option for IM-IS60 Diamond Scribe Machine

Question: How far does the pin travel so I can set up the head far enough back to make room for part loading/ unloading?

Answer: When scribe marking, the pin must be close to the part to offer longer pin… Continue reading

Horizontal Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have a very odd shaped part and I am looking for a very quick load/ unload process to meet production requirements.  My standard upright machine requires me to clamp and unclamp the part.  What can CMT… Continue reading

Programmable Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have 25 different parts and need a Roll Marking Machine with quick change over.  Can you help us with this?

Answer: Absolutely.  Below are some photos of a completely programmable roll marking machine with a servo… Continue reading

New Quick Change Slide Stroke Adjustment

Below is a photo showing our new quick change slide stroke adjustment for our 260 Roll Marking Machine.  If you have several different marking legend lengths, this feature will work great for your application.  Please call CMT for more details.

Safety First

Question:  Our company has very strict safety requirements.  Can you offer additional options to meet our requirements?

Answer: Yes we can.  This customer wanted us to tie a Light Curtain into the safety circuit with their M75… Continue reading

Marking Depth

Question: We are currently marking our parts .045″ deep.  Can your marking machines mark that deep?

Anwser: Most of the time we can but in most cases the marking depth is no where close to that deep.  This… Continue reading

Programmable Marking vs Impact Marking

Question:  What is the difference between Dot Peen marking and Impact?

Answer: Programmable marking gives you the versatility of marking several different legends and logs with very easy change over.  If your mark is doesn’t chance much and… Continue reading

Extended Pin Housing for M-Series Machine

Question: Why should I purchase the extended pin assemble for my machine?

Answer:  When marking tags or other small parts, the extended pin assembly will give you more room between the marking head and the part.  This will… Continue reading