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1/2″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH50LOGOC (( Signature Stamp ))

Impact marker in harsh enviroment

Q: I need to mark a part with (1) 3/16” tall character. I was looking at the model 78 series. Will the 78 work in an environment covered in coolant? I have used other impact markers in the… Continue reading

3/8″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH38LOGOS (( ACE inside Oval ))


1″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH100LOGOM (( BOERUM ))


3/8″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH38LOGOM (( K.Berlin Signature ))


1/8″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH13LOGOM (( KB ))

Setting up IMARK Counters

Q: How do I set up a counter in your IMARK program.



First you’ll want to setup the counters parameters.  Let the software open fully, then on the ribbon menu across the top of the software called… Continue reading

1/2″ & 1/4 ” Custom Logo Stamp to be Arrows ( CMH25LOGOM & CMH50LOGOM )

1/2″ & 1/4″ Custom logo Stamp


1/4″ Logo on R-Buster steel hand stamp. Custom designed logo stamp.

a) Shank sized to fit

b) 5″ long for easy gripping

c) Double pass engraved for extra clarity

d) Custom heat treat… Continue reading

1″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH100LOGOM (( Tourists inside X ))


3/16″ Custom Logo Stamp to be CMH19LOGOS (( C with Lines ))