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911UA-10-E MITE-E-HOT air powered hot stamping unit including: a) Air forward air return pneumatic cylinder b) Keyed non-rotating ram b) Heat control adapter with minature J wire thermocouple, high density cartridge heater, and micro style power connector (for remote… Continue reading

Roll Marking (AD06574)

Machine Full

860FM-A22-20-R9S9 Stand alone, all air powered, roll marking machine including: A. Heavy duty, floor style, machine base B. 2.0″ max ram stroke C. 3 1/2″ max adjustable, die slide stroke D. T-slot, adjustable, cast iron, fixture mounting table… Continue reading

IMIS60 (AF01476)

Full machine

IMIS60-AF01476 Custom Tag Scribe Marking machine: * IMIS60 Scribe Marking head * Model 200-OS marking controller with integrated PC, monitor & keyboard on swivel pendant * Benchtop structure with Automated slide feed fixture * Machine base * Electrical… Continue reading