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I-Mark Controller Start Signal

Q: I’m working with a I-Mark Series impact printer and need to know how long the I need to hold the cycle start ON for to get the marker started?


A: The I-Mark marking system only requires a momentary… Continue reading

123 Numbering Head ( W6944 )


123-4A-6M-1/8-W6944 automatc numbering head featuring:

a) (4) automatically indexed wheels

b) (6) manually indexed wheels

c)1/8″ sharp face gothic characters

d) Patented self alinging wheel rotation

e) Direct reading on manually actuated wheels

f) Forward or reverse manual wheel… Continue reading

Numbering Head ( V4930 )

Numbering Head


123K-1A-3/8-V4930 Automatic straight style numbering head including:

a. Sturdy one piece frame

b. Patented pawl system that allows easy setting and postive alignment

c. 1 sequentially indexed wheel

d. 13 station wheel with 3/8″ characters as specified… Continue reading

Numbering Head ( W0550 )


123H-4A-1/2″-W0550 Special Hot Stamp Numbering Head including:

a. Heavy duty cast iron frame

b. 1/2″ flat face characters with cross hatch and soft edge pattern engraving

c. CMT’s patented wheel alignment and forward/reverse rotation system

d. Actuation disengagement pin… Continue reading

123H Numbering Head ( V9641 )

Whole Numbering Head


123H-5A-7M-1/16-V9641 Columbia Model 123H Hot Stamp Numbering Head including:

a) One piece frame

b) CMT’s patented fwd/rev wheel rotation and alignment system

c) 1/16″ flat face engraved characters

d) 5 sequentially indexed wheels

e) 7 manually… Continue reading

123 Numbering Head ( Y8613 )


Numbering Head

123Y8613 EA 4 4 0 1,945.00 7,780.00

123-3A-1M-5/32-Y8613 Automatic Straight Style Numbering Head including:

a) Sturdy one piece frame

b) Patented pawl system that allows easy setting and postive alignment

c) 3 sequentially indexed Julian day wheels… Continue reading

Slide-A-Mark & Numbering Head 9 (W7153)

Whole Numbering Head



751-OK-40-00 Slide-A-Mark automatic air impact marker featuring:

a. Keyed, non-rotating ram

b. K style rod

c. Patented “Soft Impact”

d. Double acting cylinder with air forward air return motion

e. Maximum force 16,000 lbs at… Continue reading

123 Numbering Head ( AG04728 )

Bottom View Of The Wheels

123AG04728 EA 1 1 0 6,397.00 6,397.00

123-4M-5A-1/8″ AG02681 automatc numbering head featuring:

a) (4) manual wheels 2 reading reading 0 throug 9, one reading A-J,

one reading K-T

b) (5) sequentially indexed wheels to… Continue reading

Numbering Head

Front And Side View Wheels

30S134M EA 3 3 0 595.00 1,785.00

30S134M IN DIE Numbering Head

30S In die manual numbering head w/ counter bored holes for mounting.

4 wheels, 1/8″ characters

*Wheels to read 0 thru 9

*Character… Continue reading

Plastic Tag Mark with 912

Plastic Tag

Part: Plastic Tag


Character size: 1/8 Cycle time: 2 sec Number of Characters: 3

For more on the marking system used please see: