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3/8″ Custom LOGO Stamp – CMH38LOGOC

1/4″ Custom LOGO Stamp – CMH25LOGOM

CMH25- Logo Medium complexity R-Buster plus series hand stamp featuring: *5″ long shank for easy grip *Double pass super cut characters for extra clarity and depth *HC custom heat treat for durability *Safety end (soft hammer end) for reduced chipping… Continue reading

1″ Custom Stamp CMH100LOGOS

1″ Custom Stamp

Simple 1″ Logo on R-Buster steel hand stamp. Custom designed logo stamp. a) Shank sized to fit b) 5″ long for easy gripping c) Double pass engraved for extra clarity d) Custom heat treat for long life… Continue reading

1″ Custom LOGO Stamp – CMH100LOGOM

Customer Art Work

1/4″ Custom LOGO Stamp – CMH25LOGOC

3/4″ Custom LOGO Stamp – CMH75LOGOM

AMPs required for standard I-Mark controller

Q: What Amp is required for the standard IM200 I-Mark controller?

A: 6 amp draw-

Plastic Filter Assembly

Plastic Filter Assembly

Part:  Plastic Filter Assembly

Material: Plastic

Character size: 3/32″

Number of characters: 10

Note: Two Lines of information

Machine used: Handy Andy


Cycle time: 17 sec

For more on the… Continue reading

Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Part:  Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Material: Zirconum/Zircaloy

Character size: 1/16″

Number of characters: 10

Note: One Lines of information

Machine used: Handy Andy


Cycle time: 20 sec… Continue reading

Strut Housing Marked With Laser

Strut Housing

Part:Strut Housing


Character size:  N/A

Number of characters: 2D

Note: One Line of information

 Machine used: Laser

Cycle time: 4 Seconds

For more on the marking system used please see: