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Stainless Steel Plate Marked with Air Scribe

Stainlesss Steel Plate

Part:Stainless Steel Plate

Material:  Stain Steel

Character size: 3/16″

Number of characters: 10

Note:Two lines of information

Machine used: IMC Air scribe Cycle time: 6-7 sec

For more on the marking system used please see:

Air Impact Press to mark Gear Housing

Project scope:  CMT to provide a stand alone Impact Marking Machine complete with part fixture stamp holder and stamps to mark gear housing parts. Material is cast iron, marking legend is (6) 3/16″ character part number. Customer provided part drawing shows location of the mark. Marking time is estimated at 2 seconds. Part loading / unloading is manual.  

Front View of PR751 Impact Marking Machine

Side View of PR751 Impact Marking Machine

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Mach-o-Roll Automated Roll Marking Video

Mach-Roll Auotmated Roll Marking

Roll Marking Video

Model 88 air impact integration

Model 88 Air Impact Marker Marking Axles Model 88 Air Impact Marker Marking Axles Model 88 Air Impact Marker Marking Axles

Marking (1) 1/8″ character onto automotive axles.

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Concave Hot Stamping Die and Marked Tube

Concave Hot Stamping Die - Brass


6 lines of text engraved on cancave brass die to be used in hot stamping press to mark the OD of a round plastic tube.  

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I-Mark controller customer supplied power

Q: It is not clear which side should be furnishing power, sourcing or sinking, and what is isolated.

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Alumnum Tag Marked With Scribe

Alumnum Tag

Part:Alumnum Tag

Material: Alumnum Character size:3/16″

Number of characters: 17 and 2D code

Note:One lines of information

Machine used: IM-IS60 Air scribe Cycle time: 35 sec


For more on the marking system used please see:

Programming placeholders in the I-Mark Software

Q: How to program layout for ASCII placeholders? Which code do you use the %P# or the %###? How do you determine the size of the placeholder?

A: When programming text the following box will be seen on the I-Mark screen:

The %P# is used for is the proper command for programming a Serial data string variable. The %### is used to print ASCII characters within the marking layout.

In the command string “%P#” the only item that is changed is #. This is replaced with a variable from 0 through 9. The number relates to the field number in the incoming data string. The text box will automatically be size to fit the information in the data string. The three elements that the programmer may control are: 1) The size of the Text 2) The spcaing of the Text 3) The location of the Lower Left Hand corner of the Text box.

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Valve Pack Installation

Q: When installing the CMT Retro Fit valve pack, I have a question on the operation. I see that the shop air goes into the FRL. When the Solenoid is used it opens and closes the valve.… Continue reading