Dot-Peen Machines

Columbia Marking Tools manufactures a wide range of dot-peen systems for low to high pproduction applications

I-Mark HH2050 Hand Held Electric Dot-Peen Video

Video of The I-Mark HH2050 Electric dot-peen system Continue reading

IM-M75 AJ01124

IM-M75-F Fixed Dot I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

* Marking Head Assembly  with marking window 75mm x 75mm, aprox. 3” x 3″ with Fixed dot pin * Bench-top stand… Continue reading

Marking Cast Aluminum Dot Peen Vs Impact

Impact vs. Dot-Peen:

The (3) parts provided are challenge to provide a solution as requested:

a) Impact

b) One Fixture

Impact Test:


Model: 751

Material: Aluminum

Surface: Cast Rough

Air pressure: 30 PSI

Character Size: 1/4”

Number of characters:… Continue reading

PLFAE3525- Special (3) position tag fixture for Bench Top Marking machine.


IM-ID60 with new bellows cover

Model IM-ID60 with CMT’s new debris bellows cover. (high temp version)

Ref. job AK07958

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Custom mounted dot-peen marking machine

Custom mounted compact dot-peen marking machine.

The mount for this unit was designed to mark an engine block in the fully assembled state.

For more information please call 586-949-8400



Heavy Duty part rotator.

CMT’s heavy duty part rotator. For marking around the OD of round parts.


How to change and modify your layout.

Here is a demonstration of how to change a layout while marking without creating a new layout.

Once you have your layouts taught in to their select locations and you want to change… Continue reading

I-Mark Creating a new marking layout

Creating a New Layout



A marking layout is the data that the machine will print.


To do this we will need to select “Create layout form the home ribbon”


After selecting your “Create New Layout” tab… Continue reading

I-Mark service RMA

Customer: Do I need an RMA to send in my IM-M75 for service. We had a part crash into the head and I would like it reviewed.


CMT: Sorry to hear that, yes you can use the link below… Continue reading