Micro-percussion marking method using CNC technology

IMID60 – Nike Mark

Marking Solution tested: IMID60 Part Description: Air pump bladder Part Material: Plastic Mark info: Character size: 3/32 Mark info: # of characters: 10 characters Depth of mark Estimated <.001 PSI Used 60 Mark cycle time required: 3.5 seconds Reason for… Continue reading

IM-MS60 Muller


Marking Solution tested: IM-MS60 Part Description:        Brass Cast Part Material: Cast Mark info: Character size: 5/16” Mark info: # of characters: 2D Square dot Depth of mark  Esitmated.003 PSI Used 30 Mark… Continue reading

IM-M75 AM9815A

AM9815A Machine AM9815A Big Fixtures AM9815A Small Fixtures

PLF10-Custom pivoting Fixture assembly including: A) Large Column Pivot attachment B) Pivot nearing for ease of operation C) Fixture mounting table D) Manual clamp and lock vice style part holding E) Adjustable… Continue reading


IM-M75-F Fixed Dot I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

* Marking Head Assembly with marking window 75mm x 75mm, aprox. 3” x 3″ with Fixed dot pin * Bench-top stand *… Continue reading

Dot Peen and Scribe









CMT Test Marking Lab Results

Marking Solution tested:     Dot Peen and Diamond scribe Place sample photo here Part Description:      Ducting material Part Material:      … Continue reading

Dot Peen

Columbia Marking Tools has performed test marking to show a deep quality mark that can be seen after coating. The marks were done with CMT’s Heavy Duty howitzer assembly.  The marks you will receive are not your exact readings,… Continue reading

I-Mark IM-M200 Bench Top Dot Peen Programmable marking system


IM-M200– I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:


Marking Head Assembly

  1. Bench-top stand
  2. Controller Model 200
  3. Integrated PC, includes I-Mark software preloaded on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64… Continue reading

Machined Aluminum Dot peen and Scribe Sample marks


Sample marks showing Dot-Peen and Scribe on Machined Aluminum surface.


Sample Dot-Peen Mark

Model: IMID60 I-Mark I series

Character size: 1/8”

Depth of mark: .003” – .004” (not including raise up)

Marking Speed: 4-5 characters per second

Travel… Continue reading

“Soft” Home position – Why Not?

CMT has been invited to upgrade dot-peen installations that are using a competitor’s systems and have a homing failure. We also understand that a “Soft” or programmed “Home” position” is being used in these applications.

The Red Star is at… Continue reading

Marking Cast Aluminum Dot Peen Vs Impact

Impact vs. Dot-Peen:

The (3) parts provided are challenge to provide a solution as requested:

a) Impact

b) One Fixture

Impact Test:


Model: 751

Material: Aluminum

Surface: Cast Rough

Air pressure: 30 PSI

Character Size: 1/4”

Number of characters:… Continue reading