Micro-percussion marking method using CNC technology

2D Code: Dot-Peen VS Square Dot

This is a great comparison between the standard dot-peen 2D code and the Patented CMT Square-Dot version. A 2D code, or Data Matrix, is specifically designed to be read by a vision system. This machine readable code can be put on parts in a wide variety of methods. These methods include ink jet, dot-peen, scribe, and laser. Dot-Peen and Scribe provide the solutions with the deepest marks, are considered permanent, and economical as compared to other methods Continue reading

I-Mark I series Dot-Peen Marking Video

The CMT I-Mark I series dot-peen marking system make a 2D code. Continue reading

I-Mark M series Manual

M series Manual Continue reading

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Handy Andy X Dot-Peen Mark on OD

Handy Andy X can mark on the OD of round parts. Continue reading

I-Mark HH2050 Hand Held Electric Dot-Peen Video

Video of The I-Mark HH2050 Electric dot-peen system Continue reading

Handy Andy X Software

Latest Version of Handy Andy Software that works with all Handy Andy X models. All systems manufactured after 7/15/2015 (with the serial number AL01653 or after).

Software Link for Version

FAQ: What Windows operating systems does the Handy Andy-X Run On?

The Handy Andy X software can be ran on Windows XP to Windows 10. Continue reading

I-Mark How to Change a carbide pin on a IM-ID60 – Video

I-Mark demonstration on how to change a pin on an IMID60 dot peen marking unit. Continue reading

Handy Andy X Manual