Roll Marking

Roll Marking machines and example marks

Servo Roll Marking System

Roll Marking Machine

The CMT 860S Custom Servo roll marking machine offers latest technology in both Roll Marking and Error Proofing. The marking legend length is precisely programmed to assure the exact length every time. This further reduces tooling changeover… Continue reading

Loading height for 4040SD barstock marker

Q: What is the load height of the 4 sided barstock marker model 4040SD?

A: The base includes holes for leveling feet and lagging to the floor however they are not included with the machine.  Attached is a screen… Continue reading

Model 260 Slide Stroke Adjustment

Bar Stock Marker Re-Build (( AM08905 ))

Repair & Rebuild Current 2002 Four (4) sided barstock marking LT

machine model

4040-SD Serial#X3287. Work to be performed at CMT factory with


and procurement of components prior to Customer shipping machine to

CMT to

reduce downtime at Parker.… Continue reading

Quick Adjust Roll Cradle


RC-QA100 Quick Adjust Roll Cradle for diameters 1/2 ” to 6″

  • Replaces RC1 to RC4
  • 1” Wide Rollers
  • Quick adjustment for 4 positions
  • Made from quality tool steel
  • Black Oxide Coated


CMT’s 2 sided Bar Stock Marker


Marking Steel HEX marking a 4 digit heat code.


Roll Marker 860BM

860BM-A43-20-R9S9 All air powered roll marking machine including:

a) Rugged bench style frame with (4) bolt footing

b) 2″ maximum ram stroke

c) 3 1/2″ maximum adjustable die slide stroke

d) 4,300 lbs. max force

e) T-slot adjustable cast iron… Continue reading

Setting up your 2 sided bar stock marker

Here are the instructions for setting up the machine for production marking.


  1. Start first by making sure the area is clear the machine has stopped. Press STOP if needed.
  2. Open the front guard up by pulling on the locking… Continue reading

Setting up Model R800 Roll Attachment

Q: How do I Set up my model R800 Roll Attachment




1. Index the part to be marked to the selected marking position.

2. Advance the Marking Tool slide… Continue reading

Horizontal Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have a very odd shaped part and I am looking for a very quick load/ unload process to meet production requirements.  My standard upright machine requires me to clamp and unclamp the part.  What can CMT… Continue reading