CNC Roll Die

Roll Die

Model R800-75S


Marked Part

Marked Part 









Model R800-75S Roll Attachment for .75″ shank.  Accepts RS style type holder.

RSB-500 roll type holder Stamp capacity per character size 5/32”   … Continue reading

R800-100 With Custom Roll Die

R800-100 Holder

R800-100 Roll Attachment with 1″ diameter shank mounting.

with custom roll die MESAF5559- Roll die to fit R800, die to read: ( pump logo ) MESQUITE OIL TOOLS, INC. 1800-345-1705 LOGO IN 3/16” AND CHARACTERS 1/8”

R900 Holder With Custome Roll Die

R900 Holder

R900 Automatic Roll Type holder specially designed for use in CNC turing center.

With Custom Roll Die.

CAMAD7990- Special roll die to fit into R900 Stamp holder to read: “19200-11826002 MFR13629” * 3/32″ character size * 3A style… Continue reading

Custom Roll Die & Shank

Custom Roll Die & Shank

R800-100 Roll Attachment with 1″ diameter shank mounting.

AF2324-Custom roll die for use with R800 tooling 1/8″sharp faced Gothic font characters to read: UWT INC. MADE IN USA        PAT. PENDING