Custom Embossing Dies

Male & Female Embossing Dies

Embossing die pair AL07919 for aluminum gutters

Customer will be using the large embossing on gutters, so the mark can be seen from the ground.

Looks great! The image on the right is the die shoe holder.

Die shoe holder for emboss stamping

Example of a die shoe holder for emboss stamping.  This example was used for marking vin tags.

Each pocket holds up to (13) 3/16” tall custom font characters.  Ref. AC3149

Complete automatic-embossing numbering heads from CMT

(7) digit, 1/2″ characters embossing serial numbers.  CMT specializes in custom embossing numbering heads.  With the requirement for the male and female dies to mate perfectly on every single press stroke, CMT provides custom die shoes to fit… Continue reading

Custom Embossing Die

Embossing Die

HPAG8908- ”UNIVERSAL STUD” Male/Female embossing pair Bank Gothic Md italic font Size: Cap .750” Lower .600”

Embossing Die (HPAG8908)




Male /Female embossing pair

Font Gothic Mid italic

Size: Cap .750″

Lower 600″

Custom Embossing Dies To Mark Brass

Custom Embossing Dies

AE4299-Custom embossing die set (male/female) Buick logo per customer artwork Logo approx. 4″ x 2″


Custom Male & Female Embossing Dies

Custom Embossing Dies

GRAAE08241 Det 1 “Gray Metal South” (male & female) Complete per print In italic font per previous orders

Interchangeable Male & Female Custom Embosssing Dies

Custom Embossing Dies

  AC03149 Detail 1 Upper female embossing die holder *Holds (13) embossing dies with 3/16″ characters

  AC03149 Detail 2 Lower male embossing die holder *Holds (13) embossing dies with 3/16″ characters.

  The example shown was… Continue reading

Custom Male & Female Embossing Dies

Custom Embossing Dies

AD08428-Custom embossing die set (male/female) Embossing die complete per print. (female)

Made to mark Plastic.

Custom Male & Female Embossing Dies For Marking Card Board

Custom Embossing Dies

AD9400 Embossing die set to read “CARDLOCK” 3X over 4.75″ Special font per provided sample. Character size .125″