Roll Dies

Round dies are most commonly used to minimize the force applied to parts during indention marking processes, or to provide continuous marking.

Programmable Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have 25 different parts and need a Roll Marking Machine with quick change over.  Can you help us with this?

Answer: Absolutely.  Below are some photos of a completely programmable roll marking machine with a servo… Continue reading

Special Knurl Dies


MILAF2965 Det 01- Special Knurl Die * 1.875″ Dia * Reading: 0 thru 190 * 3/32″ Character Size * 5/16″ long line with the numbers * 3/16″ long lines * 1/4″ long line half way between each numbered mark

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CNC Automatic Roll Type Holder

Automatic Roll Type Holder

CNC Automatic roll type holder attachment to hold custom roll die.

Shank to be 1″ square. For more information on CNC automatic roll type holders click on the link below.

Roll Die Wear

Roll Die after approx 3000 impressions

“…Attached are pictures of Columbia’s “50 Cal.” roll die after approximately 2275 barrels, sweet!!!  We tried to keep the operators rolling on one side of the die but I can’t guarantee that, even… Continue reading

Wafer Dies for use in continous marking processes

Wafer Dies in Holder Marking Barstock

Thin roll dies, each containing a single character, are assembled together in a holder. These indivudual characters may be assembled in random configurations and have reduced tooling costs.