I-Mark Controller FAQ

I-Mark cable from Marking head to controller

Q: The marking head will be installed on the end of robot arm. Do you know how long the cable is between the mark header and the controller?

A: Our standard length from Controller to Head is 10ft, but we… Continue reading

It the power cable for I-Mark controller provided with the purchase of a controller

Q: Would you please provide the part number of these connectors used on the controller? Then I can order the corresponding connectors for them.

A: The Power Cable is provided with the controller. Approximately 6 ft long

Harting Interface on I-Mark controller

Q: Is the Harting interface connectors used for I/O and AC power?

A: Not true the Harting is only for connection to the Head, we use 2x 25pin Din Connectors 1 Male (input) 1 Female (output) for I/O for power… Continue reading