Scribe Marking FAQ

FAQ on scribe marking

Using CAD images inside I-Mark software to aid in programming

Customers purchasing programmable dot peen marking stations often ask what can be done to make programming a marking layout easier.  The answer is simple, use the CAD data of the part as a background image in your marking layout.… Continue reading

Diamond scribe stylus life expectancy

Columbia is often asked how long the diamond stylus in our programmable scribe marking systems last.  The generalized rule of thumb is approx. 5 times longer than a traditional carbide stylus used in other dot peen markers.  There… Continue reading

Is it possible for the IMIS60 Scribe to retract 1″? Yes the new PZ option

Q: Is it possible that the Silent Scribe I-Mark system can retract 1″?

Customer has concerns about damage to marking head during part loading and unloading.


A: Yes the PZ option is the perfect solution for applications where there… Continue reading

IMIS dot size and shape

Q: When your device mark one single dot on the part, what is the shape of the dot? Is it a square or is it a perfect round dot?

A: 1. For a dot. The I-Mark unit travels to a… Continue reading

I-Mark Integrator Scribe positioning to part

Q: How close/far should the I

I Mark IS Integrator Scribe dry cycle

Q: Should the IM- IS Integrator Scribe marking system be dry cycled?

A: NO. Dry cycling of the IM-IS causes undo wear to the pin and pin housing. The pin actuates to the full length of the housing and breaks internal components.

I-Series Mounting Techniques

The open end of the I-60-Series marker has drilled and tapped holes for mounting the debris shield.

At one plant they mounted a standoff bumper for the robot to press the part against.

The frame of the marker is very… Continue reading