Hand Tool Examples

Hand held marking tools are an economical and effective method for low production marking.

Steering Knuckles Marked With Model 95

Steering Knuckles

Part: Steering Knuckles Material: Cast Iron Number of Characters: Prick Punch Model: 95 POW-R-MARK Cycle time: 2 sec Air Pressure: 60 psi

For more on the marking system used please see:

Cold Rolled Steel Marked With Model 95

Cold Rolled Steel


Part: Rolled Steel Material: Cold Rolled Steel Character size: 1/8″ Cycle time: 1 sec 80 psi Number of Characters: 1 

For more on the marking system used please see:

Wood Block Marked With Model 95

Wood Block


Part: Rolled Steel  Material: Wood Block  Character size: 1/4″ Number of characters: 4 Model: POW-R-Mark model 95 with custom holder  Cycle time: 1 sec  Air pressure: 80 psi Number of Characters:4… Continue reading