Hand Tool FAQ

FAQ for hand marking applications.

Model 85 Single Blow Air Hammer – BOM

Bill of Materials for Model 85 – Shows overall dimensions and possible parts for repair.

Suggested Spare parts include:

  • 75AT-10 Spring Clip
  • 75AT-8 O Ring
  • 75AT-5 O Ring
  • 75AT-3 Compression spring
75AT/85AT BOM Bill of Materials

Printable 75AT/85AT BOM

What is the Process for a R-Buster with Custom Logo Order?

What is the Process for a R-Buster with Custom Logo Order?


1.) Get a quote on a R-Buster hand stamp with Custom Logo here:


2.) Once a quote is received from CMT, then proceed with… Continue reading

What kind of hammer should I use when hand stamping?

This is a very common question we get. Below are a few factors that will help determine the proper hammer size

  1. The kind of material being marked.
  2. The amount of information being marked.
  3. Skill level of the person hand stamping.… Continue reading

A Very Good Question

Customer asks:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have visited your website and noticed that the proximity sensors you use are Turck. I would like to know what style proximity sensor this is and if it could be cross referenced to… Continue reading