Laser Marking

Laser marking machines and examples marks

Fisher Barton laser and scribe test

Scribe Laser

Laser Sample mark #1 20Watt

% power: 35

# of passes: 2

Step size: 40

Mark Type: Raster

Cycle time: 84 Sec


Laser Sample mark #2  20Watt

% power: 35

# of passes: 1

Step size:… Continue reading

Laser Mark

Laser Mark 1

Part:Piston Aluminum Part

Material: aluminum

Character size: 1/8″

Number of characters: 3

Note: one of information

Machine used: Laser

Cycle time:3 Seconds

For more on the marking system used please see:

Custom Solutions RMI Laser

Automated Linear Stage For Laser Marking

*  To accomodate 18″ long X 8″ wide part .062″ Thick

*  System to index up to 18″ in 4″ increments

*  System to include cycle start button to initiate cycle… Continue reading

EcoMark Laser

Laser Marker

coMark 15 Watt YVO4 Yag Marking unit including:

Industrial Laser Controller including: * Diode-pumped Power Source (Fiber coupled to marking head) * TE Cooling System * 19″ Rack Mount Controller * Input Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Industrial Laser Marking Head including: * High-speed/ precision Galvanometer Beam Control * 163mm F-Theta Focusing Lens for a 100 mm x 100 mm marking area * Nd: YVO4 Crystal (fiber optic coupled) * Diode-pumped Laser Source * 1064 nm wavelength * Q-switched Operation * CDRH Cass IV Level of Manufacture

CMT Custom Marking Software (SymbolWriter Pro) featuring: * True Type Fonts * Single Stroke Fonts * Elliptical Text * Sequential Serial Numbers * Customizable Auto-Dating * Barcodes * 2D Codes Including: Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QR-Codes and PDF417 * Raster Graphics * Vector Graphics * Easy to Use Automation Interface

Laser Marking machine structure & enclosure including: * Small stand-alone industrial enclosure (24″ wide x 30″ deep x 68″ tall) o Class 1 safety enclosure with front door interrupt switch * Integrated PC controller with 15″ monitor, keyboard, mouse & laser software preloaded * Marker head assembly with Z axis manual height adjustment * 8″ x 8″ work table with space for 10″ x 14″ parts o Fixture plate with T-Slots for easy fixture mounting o 4″ diameter marking window (pending lens selection) * Exterior side mount hardware for 15″ flat screen with keyboard & mouse tray * Exterior mounted main power switch * Work light * All components fully integrated and tested Continue reading


Laser 1 Laser 2





Pulsed fiber lasers have become the preferred laser technology for identification and traceability marks for metals and plastics… Continue reading

CMT makes new laser marking machine to fit customer specifications.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3

CMT makes new laser marking machine to fit customer specifications.

In today’s tight times, companies are reviewing their manufacturing processes to see where they can cut cost, but yet still turn out a good… Continue reading

Laser Catalog Press Release

Laser Catalog Press Release

A new 4-color, CMT Pro-Mark Pulsed Fiber Laser brochure is now available from Columbia Marking Tools, Inc., 27430 Luckino, Chesterfield Township, Michigan, 48047.

The new brochure describes and illustrates the advantages of the CMT ProMark Fiber… Continue reading

Laser Marking – TOOLING Automation

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3



Laser Marking – TOOLING Automation

As each part of the manufacturing process is viewed in detail for additional costs savings, tooling goes under a microscope. While some companies focus on the cost… Continue reading

Laser Marking Machine With Rotating Index Table Inclosed

Full Machine Enclosure2 Enclosure3 Enclosure4 Fixtue Fixtue With Part

Project Scope:  

CMT is to provide a Fiber Laser machine to mark aircraft retainer assemblies with UID code

1.Part is aircraft retainer assy

2.Material is 8620, 4340, 4140

3.Marking legend for part # CL40093-7-23 is: contains 2  UID codes first one to contain construct 1 and second one to obtain part number, part also contains manreadable charcters, using Mill Std 130 aircraft standard

4.Marking legend for all other parts to be  alpha/numeric.  (please provide prints on all parts with marking legends and locations).

5.Data to be manually entered

5.Mark time:  around 60 seconds

6.Part loading: manual

7.Rotary index table provided for gang marking of up to 4 parts, not for marking on diameter of part.

8.Laser marker must be able to have height adjustment that allows for marking parts 12″ tall from face of rotary index table.

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Strut Housing Marked With Laser

Strut Housing

Part:Strut Housing


Character size:  N/A

Number of characters: 2D

Note: One Line of information

 Machine used: Laser

Cycle time: 4 Seconds

For more on the marking system used please see: