Marc Steele

Marc has been in the marking business for over 15 years. He provides technical assistance through emails and online chat.

I-Mark HH2050 Hand Held Electric Dot-Peen Video

Video of The I-Mark HH2050 Electric dot-peen system Continue reading

R900 Spare parts

Automated Roll Type Attachment R900 - Exploded diagram for spare parts Continue reading

CNC Automated Roll Type Holder R900 Technical Drawing – showing mounting

R900 Technical drawing showing mounting. Continue reading

R900-R800 Operation Guide

Operation guide for R800/R800 CNC roll type attachments. Includes setup instructions. Continue reading

CNC Automated Roll Type Holder – Video

Columbia Marking Tools has a complete line of CNC Roll Type attachments. Continue reading

CM7X round inserts – Special length?

Q: The standard length is 3/4″. What special length options are available?

A: Up to 3″ long.

CMM stamping Dies – Material and Hardness

Q: What material are the CMM090 stamps made of and what hardness? Are there different materials available?

A: Tool steel. Varies with availability – O-1 or W-1. The hardness is 58Rc.

CMT offers custom materials – please specify.

I-Mark Software – one user?

Q: Currently only accessible by one user. Is there an install method so others can use the I-Mark software as well?

A: The installer for the I-Mark software does not install for the specific user. By default the program will… Continue reading

Handy Andy X Software

Latest Version of Handy Andy Software that works with all Handy Andy X models. All systems manufactured after 7/15/2015 (with the serial number AL01653 or after).

Software Link for Version

CMT Hand holder shank size

The standard hand holder by Columbia Marking Tools holds CMS step style type for easy changeover of the marking legend.

Q: What is the shank dimensions of the HA-75?

A: 1″ x 1 1/4″ x 6 1/2″ long – a… Continue reading