Scribe Test Marking

IM-MS60 Scribe Test Mark


Marking Solution tested: IM-S60 Scribe with part rotator

Part Description: CNC Tool Holder

Part Material: Steel > 30

Mark info: Character size: 10MM

Information in 2D code: 20 Characters 2D code Part Number

Mark cycle time 46 Seconds

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IM-IS60 Test Mark




Marking Solution tested: Dot peen and scribe

Part Description: Exhaust component

Part Material: Steel

Mark info. Character size: 1/4″

Mark info: # of characters: 15

2D Matrix: Size/Shape: N/A

Information in 2D Code: N/A

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Test Mark – Laser & Scribe

Columbia Marking Tools has performed two methods of sample; the samples were done on CMT’s IMIS60 Scribe programmable and a 50 watt Fiber laser. You will see three samples from each application with various settings. The marks you will receive… Continue reading