Impact Marker


PR088-OB-EF Bench style Unit, impact marking press including: a. Model 88 air impact marker, B style rod (for CM8X Round Insert) b. Air powered ram with spring return c. Keyed non-rotating ram d. JIC air control valves (Numatics or equivalent)… Continue reading

Model 078RNOB10

Model 288-OB-40-D


288-OB-40-D Double acting air impact marker featuring: a) Air forward air return motion b) Maximum force 3 tons at 80 psi c) Standard angle bracket mounting d) B style rod for standard CM8X round insert e) Keyed non-rotating rod… Continue reading

751 Slide-A-Mark Test Mark on Metal Component

Impact Mark

Marking Solution tested: Impact Marking

Part Description: Steel Component

Part Material: Mild Steel

Mark info. Character size: 1/8″

Mark info: # of characters: 6

2D Matrix: Size/Shape: N/A

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark Cycle time required: N/A… Continue reading