Impact Marker

Automated Impact Marker Station

Automated Impact Marker Station

The CMT Slide-A-Marktm Floor mounted pedestal is used in robotic cells to provide the fastest date marking operation available. Complete cycle time including loading and unloading part is less than 3 seconds, marked to the depth… Continue reading

Air impact marker marking harden cast iron parts.

Model used: 851-OK-25-00 ( Air impact Marker ) with 751KC100 Holder 

Many times CMT is asked, can air impact markers mark harden parts. The answer is yes, but there are issues to consider. 1) Reduction in the amount… Continue reading 


PR088-OB-EF Bench style Unit, impact marking press including: a. Model 88 air impact marker, B style rod (for CM8X Round Insert) b. Air powered ram with spring return c. Keyed non-rotating ram d. JIC air control valves (Numatics or equivalent)… Continue reading

Model 078RNOB10

Model 288-OB-40-D


288-OB-40-D Double acting air impact marker featuring: a) Air forward air return motion b) Maximum force 3 tons at 80 psi c) Standard angle bracket mounting d) B style rod for standard CM8X round insert e) Keyed non-rotating rod… Continue reading

751 Slide-A-Mark Test Mark on Metal Component

Impact Mark

Marking Solution tested: Impact Marking

Part Description: Steel Component

Part Material: Mild Steel

Mark info. Character size: 1/8″

Mark info: # of characters: 6

2D Matrix: Size/Shape: N/A

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark Cycle time required: N/A… Continue reading