Handy Andy not running on Windows 10? Digital Signature issue.

While CMT has been working with Microsoft to get the digital signatures working, sometimes the drivers might not load correctly.

Please download and run this exe. to fix the issue with your Handy Andy. 

Air impact marker marking harden cast iron parts.

Model used: 851-OK-25-00 ( Air impact Marker ) with 751KC100 Holder 

Many times CMT is asked, can air impact markers mark harden parts. The answer is yes, but there are issues to consider. 1) Reduction in the amount… Continue reading 

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Air Requirements for Air Impact Markers

Air Requirements

A simple chart gives various information for Air Impact Models. The information includes the bore size, stroke length, and relative time to extend, CV, SCFM, and expected drop in pressure of the compressed air.

The Air Impact Marker… Continue reading

Wiring Information for CMT Eurofast Air Impact Marker Connector and others

CMT uses Turck Brand sensors. The wiring instructions are all provided by Turck. 

Q: What is the wiring instructions

A: These are provided my the manufacturer. 

Turck Sensor Wiring Explaination

Average weight per Impact Marker

Q: What are the weights for air impact markers models 88,98,288,298,451,751,851 and 78?


A: Average weight per model – options selected may impact weight.

Model 88 –  6.5 lbs.

Model 98 –  15 lbs.

Model 288 –… Continue reading

Differences between CMG13 & CMC

Q: What is the difference between the CMG and CMC groove stamps?


A: Both the length of the stamps and the groove location are different. The CMG stamps are used in the very popular CMT air impact markers.

 … Continue reading

Machine ID

Machine ID

Q: Where to find the I-Mark Machine ID?

A: The 8 digit code is found under the diagnostics tab. This is sometimes required to issue a new key.


Soft Home position

Here are some screen shots as well as instructions on setting the soft I recommend that after 15 to 20 runs send the marking head back to the hard home position as it will tend to drift as once that… Continue reading

Pin out diagram for I-mark

Do you have a pin out we can share so he can start planning the wiring?

Please see diagram..


MODEL-200-IO connections