I-Mark Ethernet Registers

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I-Mark HH2050 Hand Held Electric Dot-Peen Video

Video of The I-Mark HH2050 Electric dot-peen system Continue reading

R900 Spare parts

Automated Roll Type Attachment R900 - Exploded diagram for spare parts Continue reading

CNC Automated Roll Type Holder R900 Technical Drawing – showing mounting

R900 Technical drawing showing mounting. Continue reading

R900-R800 Operation Guide

Operation guide for R800/R800 CNC roll type attachments. Includes setup instructions. Continue reading

CNC Automated Roll Type Holder – Video

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IM-MS60 Scribe Test Mark


Marking Solution tested: IM-S60 Scribe with part rotator

Part Description: CNC Tool Holder

Part Material: Steel > 30

Mark info: Character size: 10MM

Information in 2D code: 20 Characters 2D code Part Number

Mark cycle time 46 Seconds

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CM7X round inserts – Special length?

Q: The standard length is 3/4″. What special length options are available?

A: Up to 3″ long.

CMM stamping Dies – Material and Hardness

Q: What material are the CMM090 stamps made of and what hardness? Are there different materials available?

A: Tool steel. Varies with availability – O-1 or W-1. The hardness is 58Rc.

CMT offers custom materials – please specify.

I-Mark Software – one user?

Q: Currently only accessible by one user. Is there an install method so others can use the I-Mark software as well?

A: The installer for the I-Mark software does not install for the specific user. By default the program will… Continue reading