IM and Columbia Marking Tools offer a unique perspective in the field of marking. The wide experience of our team is displayed through the vast products that are offered.

Hand Tools

In depth technical advice is provided and offered on the simplist hand tools. CMT has manufactured hand stamps for over 50 years. The exacting process CMT uses to reproduce designs has been sought out by car and gun restoration specialists.

Standard Stamps

CMT has a complete line of standard  metal stamps. These stamps ship in one week or lesss, and a majority of the most popular sizes are ready for overnight delivery. These products include, round inserts, flat type, wedge type, roll dies, stamping dies, and concrete dies. Custom designs are also available. Please send prints for quotation to

Hot Stamping

CMT hot stamping systems for marking plastics are available both as units for installation in production equipments or as turn-key systems.

Numbering Heads

Numbering heads are time saving tooling. CMT offers a wide range of style from simple hand held heads to convex “barrel shapped” heads for use in roll marking equipment.

Air Impact Markers

CMT manufactures a wide selection of air impact markers. from the very small Mite-E-Mark (model 78) to the very popular and versatiel Slide-A-Mark (models 451, 751, and 851).

Marking Presses

All of our standard products are available in turn-key marking stations. CMT can provide a complete solutions upon request.

Roll Marking Machines

CMT manufactures the largest line of roll marking system in the world. From the most basic bench top all air systems to our exclusive 4 sided bar stock marking systems.

Dot-Peen and Scribe Marking

The latest technology is incorporated into the dot-peen and scribe marking systems. Ethernet IP is now available for our I series marking systems.

Laser Marking

Laser solutions for industrial appl;ications. CMT’s experience has focused on high volume production marking applications, and we provide quality reliable solutions for manufacturing environments.