What is the Process for a R-Buster with Custom Logo Order?

What is the Process for a R-Buster with Custom Logo Order?


1.) Get a quote on a R-Buster hand stamp with Custom Logo here:


2.) Once a quote is received from CMT, then proceed with placing your order on our online store.


3.) If you do not have the required artwork for your logo and are needing CMT to create the logo artwork for you, then we will provide you with multiple choices for your stamp (additional fees may apply).


4.) Our production department will create a custom pattern used to make your stamp.  At this juncture CMT will provide you with an artwork approval request.  This approval is created directly from the pattern being used to create your stamp, and will be exactly what you will receive for you order.


5.) If the approval is correct, then please return a signed copy to the email you received it from.  If the approval is not correct, then please return the revisions or corrective actions required.  We will edit the pattern and re-submit an approval to you ASAP.


6.) The stamp will typically be completed and shipped within about 3- 4 business days of receiving the signed approval (correct artwork) back.


The total turn around time for R-Buster Custom Logo Stamps is typically 2- 4 weeks- depending on the complexity.

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