Roll Marker 860BM


860BM-A43-20-R9S9 All air powered roll marking machine including:

a) Rugged bench style frame with (4) bolt footing

b) 2″ maximum ram stroke

c) 3 1/2″ maximum adjustable die slide stroke

d) 4,300 lbs. max force

e) T-slot adjustable cast iron fixture mounting table

f) OSHA approved dual anti-tie down, anti-repeat palm buttons and ring guards

g) Pressure “SEEK & FIND” marking system

h) Optional ram regulator system (allows control of mark depth while maintaining system pressure)

i) Air inline OSHA approved lockout shutoff valve, filter, regulatror, pressure gauge and lubricator

j) Quick change dovetail tool mount

k) Painted machine enamel blue





Heavy duty floor style machine base featuring:

a) All steel heavy duty construction

b) Completely assembled with CMT marking system

c) Painted machine enamel CMT blue

d) Palm buttons and controls mounted to machine base




DCA-AL4817-Special Roll Carriage to hold (5) Line roll type holder.



5-RMA-AL4817- Special roll type holder to hold (5) lines of (24) CMW13 stamps

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